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All About Tommy Little.

D.O.B.: June 10th 1999
Height: Knee high to a Grasshopper, but growing fast
Weight: None of your beeswax.
Favourite Food: Watermelon
Favourite Movie: Chicken Run
Favourite TV Show: When Mum's around it's Thomas the Tank Engine, but between you and me it's really the Teletubbies.
Favourite Song: Zoom Zoom Zoom
Favourite Toy: A bus with a driver and 6 passengers who he enjoys throwing through the windscreen.
Favourite Book: I Can Add And I Can Subtract.
Favourite Word: Boobies
Favourite Saying: No!
Hobbys/Interests: Emptying the saucepan cupboard.
Leaving pointy blocks in places Mum is most likely to step on them in bare feet.
Pushing all of the buttons on the telephone to see who will talk to him.
Climbing onto the roof of the car.
Putting yoghurt all over his glasses.
Sumo wrestling Pooh Bear.

Latest News: He's working hard at his potty training, but it's a s**t of a job!!!